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LYFT Driver Safety:________________________

Our commitment to drivers:

LYFT is dedicated to keeping people safe on the road.
Our technology enables us to focus on driver safety
before, during, and after every trip.

Before the Trip, Picking up passengers:

No anonymous pickups:

All riders must create an account and provide their name, email address, and phone number before they can request a ride. So when you accept a request, you’ll know who you’re picking up and so will we.

Substitute phone numbers:

In many locations around the world, LYFT uses technology that anonymizes phone numbers to keep contact details confidential. So when you and your rider need to contact each other, your personal information stays private.

On Trip, Getting to the destination:

In-app navigation:

When riders enter their destination, you will automatically receive turn-by-turn directions in the app-so you can focus on getting there safely.

Always on the map:

GPS data is logged for every trip so we know who you’re driving and where you’re going, which promotes accountability and encourages good behavior.

After the Trip, Always improving the LYFT experience:

No change, no hassle:

The app provides navigation to your rider’s pickup location, and we’ll let them know when you’re almost there. Once the trip has begun, you’ll get directions to their destination.No change, no hassle

Fares automatically charge the rider’s payment method on file, so for most trips you can avoid using cash altogether. But if a rider pays in cash, the app automatically issues credit so you’ll never have to make change.

Driver feedback:

You rate your rider after every trip. We review those ratings to ensure that everyone you pick up is as respectful as you are. Riders reported to violate our terms of service may be prevented from using LYFT.

24/7 support:

Our support team is always ready to respond to any questions you may have about your driving experience.

There for you, Safety never sleeps:

Rapid response:

Our specially-trained incident response teams are available around the clock to handle any urgent safety concerns that arise.

Assisting law enforcement:

In cases where local law enforcement provides us with valid legal process, we provide them with useful data to help in their investigations.

Serving communities, Safer cities:

Our commitment to safety extends to the communities we serve. Learn about how we’re using technology to make cities safer.

Car Inspections:

To ensure the safety of both the driver and passenger. Cars are required to be inspected and up to date. Nobody wants to be broken down on the side of the road.

Just imagine how that would impact a customer looking to use a quality service. It makes them look unprepared and the drivers’ rating will likely plummet. As for the driver their earnings for the day will go down the drain due to the busted vehicle. That’s why Lyft watches these inspections closely. Each state requires different standards for their vehicles to be considered up to date. Auto insurance coverage also covers accidents that may occur.

No Drugs or Alcohol:

One of the largest epidemics in this country is addiction to drugs and alcohol. These things can easily find their ways into vehicles either by way of the passenger or driver. There’s a zero tolerance policy with drugs and alcohol. It’s up to the driver to take responsibility for themselves as well as the other lives that are traveling with them. Lyft allows customers to email or call special services where they can report suspicious drivers. This can protect themselves, the driver and other potential riders. This way they can be directed to another driver that will give them the quality service they deserve.

Community Protection:

There are hotlines that can be of service to report issues involving community protection. Certain things like smoking and possession of weapons are against the Lyft policy. People are entitled to their rights, but they must be respectful. If drivers smoke or carry weapons in their car they are free to do so on their own time, but not in their Lyft vehicle when they are using it for business. It’s important for the driver to understand that although they may feel protected with weapons, but others might see it as a threat. Also while some drivers enjoy smoking they have to understand that passengers may seem this as a health concern. No matter the difference in opinion, drivers must respect the Lyft policy. - All Rights Reserved - Copyright © 2017