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LYFT Vehicle Solutions:

LYFT & GM have teamed up to offer a car rental program which offers discounts and partnerships to help you get a car and start driving. Options include:

1. Rent a car by the week, weekend, or hour to try driving with LYFT.

2. Leasing: Get a flexible lease option.

3. New car discounts: Buy a car at a discounted price.

Renting a car:

Drive when you want:

Get a car for an hour, a weekend or longer with deposits starting at $200.

Coverage included:

All car rentals include insurance to keep you safe and on the road.

Unlimited miles:

Drive as much as you want without any added fees, even for miles you drive while off app.

Get started, How to rent a car to drive with LYFT:

1. Join LYFT

Create your account and mark that you need a car.

2. Apply for rental

Once you're approved as a driver, you can view your rental options.

3. Reserve a car

Make a reservation with one of our rental car partners.

Lease a car, Many options, no mileage caps:

Unlimited miles:

There are no mileage caps, so you can drive as much as you want and never get hit with mileage fees. Plus, you get free basic maintenance.

Ultimate flexibility:

Get access to popular cars with lease terms potentially up to 36 months. And just in case your situation changes, we offer a flexible return policy.*

Low upfront costs:

Get behind the wheel for as low as $250, a fraction of the usual up-front leasing cost. Then payments are automatically deducted from your LYFT earnings.

Get started, How to lease a car to drive with LYFT:

1. Join LYFT

When creating your account, select that you need a car.

2. Apply for lease

Once you’re approved, log into your account and apply for a lease. The application process is all online.

3. Get a car

Once approved, find a car that best fits your needs. - All Rights Reserved - Copyright © 2017